BASED REAL ESTATE represents the interests of various tenants, large and small ones, through all of the Netherlands. From a completely independent position, combined with considerable empathy and a high level of personal involvement, we’ll do anything to achieve the optimal solution for your accommodation with the best possible services and conditions.Although our services are always personalized, they are based on a professional approach and a considered process from which you can expect the following  activities: 

Phase 1 (strategic planning)

1.       Draw up a program of requirements (regarding space, functionality and technical facilities)
2.       Report to client a detailed planning of the process ahead.

Phase 2 (exploring the market)

1.       Stock-taking of the market/alternatives (long list)
2.       Evaluation of the long list.
3.       Sightings
4.       Selection of possible options.
5.       Requests for proposals
6.       Start negotiations
7.       Detailed comparisons (both on quality and quantity)
8.       Final decision.
9.       Edit concept rental agreement.
10.     Coordinate transfer.
BASED REAL ESTATE believes in cooperation. Not only with you as a client but also with various external suppliers. Our ample experience enables us to offer you very complete and fully integrated services, in cooperation with an extended network of selected partners. The result is that we are able to lift almost all related aspects of your shoulders. This integrated services are by no means obligatory. Naturally  we are also prepared to cooperate with your selected partners.
Are you interested in what BASED REAL ESTATE can do for you? Contact us for a non-committal meeting.

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