RENEGOTIATION | A second chance

Realize considerable saving on your current rental agreement.
Your business needs to adjust to economical circumstances all the time, but what about your office space?
Even if you’re not planning to move to another location we can still provide you with considerable services.
Based Real Estate is the expert when it comes to renegotiating existing rental agreements. Due to the current situation of the market there is a good chance that the expiry date of your contract is the right moment to realize substantial savings and also to optimize other rental conditions .Our approach doesn’t only take the rental price into consideration but the broad perspective of technical conditions, the desired flexibility and the special conditions will also be the subject of thorough analysis.
BASED REAL ESTATE has a broad and solid knowledge of the Dutch market. Full independency is a very important factor in the services we render. If you choose to use our services you can be assured of a highly punctual approach in which your interests always play the major part and where we’ll always strive to achieve the maximum result possible. Of course we’ll keep in mind the importance of a pleasant relationship between landlord and tenant.


1.       A sharp analyses of the terms and conditions of your current rental agreement.
2.       An assessment of the current accommodation based on the actual requirements.
3.       Benchmark with possible alternatives for the accommodation.
4.       Define the desired (new) objectives.
5.       Negotiate (in writing) wit he owner.
6.       Costs/cash flow analyses of the current situation and the possible alternatives.
7.       Edit concept new rental agreement.


As we are convinced of the added value  when it comes to renegotiating an existing rental agreement, we are prepared to make the fee for our services completely dependent on the result of our negotiations. That way you’re not taking any risk while you benefit from all the profits of a skillful and experiences advisor.

Explore your options

Interested in your options? Ask now for a free and non-committing Quick Scan or have a look at the references of those who preceded you.
BASED REAL ESTATE starts by evaluating your existing rental contract for free and without obligations.
When you have received  our advise  it’s for you to decide if you want to use our services.


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