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For decades the Amsterdam region has been an attractive international business location.
This is due to the various international service providers and the easy access to and from Schiphol Airport.

According to the records of Amsterdam Inbusiness (AIB), in the year 2012 129 new businesses have established themselves in the Amsterdam region. This development doesn’t only create employment but also offers commercial possibilities in the rental field. With the Amsterdam Office web portal BASED REAL ESTATE aims to attract businesses from outside the Netherlands in search for office or business space and  to enhance the chances to rent out objects from our listings to this interesting target group. At the same time we aim to draw attention to the services we offer regarding the accompaniment  during the search and  the negotiations on the rental price when the right location has been found.

Many of the companies potentially interested in establishing their business are not familiar with the local business space market and lack the contacts and the network necessary to find their ways. BASED REAL ESTATE supports these parties in their search and lifts this service beyond the level of just finding the right location.

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