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You are a  landlord staring  at an empty  office space.

To invest in real estate can be interesting but an empty office doesn’t bring you the desired profit.
You could remain in your seat trying to work out a solution by yourself but you might also consider pulling up an extra chair for an experienced advisor, who’ll take the weight of your shoulders, who informs you about possibilities and who’ll help you to bring back the profits of your  investment. BASED REAL ESTATE could step in to offer the required assistance or even take over the task of finding a suitable  tenant. In accordance with your standards and desires we’ll find the solution for a good and profitable use of your property.

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You are a tenant and in your mind you wander through a labyrinth of vacant office spaces.


Your present office no longer meets your requirements. Your business has grown or might have shrunken, the rental price is no longer competitive, the facilities are no longer fitting or it isn’t the right location anymore. This would be a considerable distraction from your daily business and besides this market is probably not very familiar to you.
You could pull up an extra chair and ask Based Real Estate to offer assistance or even take over the task of finding a suitable new office. In accordance with your standards and desires we’ll make a plan to find you the best possible new office solution.


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